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Pilot (Styk3r46):
Greetings Citizens,

We have issued a patch for Arena Commander! This patch helps prepare the game for the multiplayer roll-out, adds several control-related features and fixes a number of bugs. You can find further details and a list of other known issues in the Patch Notes below.

PLEASE NOTE: You must now press tab to show the cursor when the Arena Commander menu is open in the cockpit.
New Features/Fixes
Vanduul no longer show as committing suicide when defeating them with missiles
Added “Invert Flight Mouse” and “Invert Flight Controller” options to game settings screen
Helmet animation plays when putting on the helmet now
Ejection now counts towards player death
Added an expanded X52 mapping
Lighting fixes for AMD machines
Improved Aurora mount/dismount/idle animation
Increased fuel tank capacity to allow for longer afterburner use
Improved Thruster Animations
Improved Holoship destruction
Player is now able to access the scoreboard whilst waiting on respawn
Improvements on overlapping ship audio SFX
Fixed crashes when match round ends
300i seat animations now added and improved
Entering 300i and Aurora with your helmet now displays the HUD on the helmet
Removed debug text from X55 HOTAS in key binding menu
Known Issues
Buggy can only move when using boost in the business hangar
Audio missing from legacy Aurora control panels when sit/standing in pilot seat
CF-117 Badger repeater geometry becomes offset when fired from firing range
Red replace me ball shown beneath DFM Trainer Hornet
Texture z-fighting appearing in DFM Trainer Aurora cockpit
Third person camera view can roll using Q and E
Vanduul swarm
Aurora boost level decreases when not using boost
Boost level not shown while flying 300i
Aurora boost level only shown as decreasing after first death
Other ships can appear to rotate when they actually are not
Scoreboard info not shown if round ends while outside of ship

Please note one change that may be confusing: you must press tab in order to see the cursor while accessing the Arena Commander menu in the cockpit. This is a result of ongoing updates to the controller setups, and will be altered in future builds.

Pilot (Styk3r46):
Patch 12.3

New Features/Fixes
Arena Commander Arena commander menu now accessible through options menu
Proper score awarded when an enemy is destroyed in Vanduul Swarm
All ballistic weapons now use ammo boxes
Frozen effect no longer appears for everyone after ejecting
Command pp_rebindKeys layout_joystick_spacesim now properly works
HOTAS X55 Joystick is diplayed under controller options menu
Run no longer toggled off when user interacts with something
Cockpit and ship should now despawn after ejecting
All ship controls now have smoother animations
X-box right joystick can now be inverted
Countermeasures should now be more effective
Hornet chaingun audio should no longer cut out
No longer stuck unable to respawn if chat open while killed
Spawn warping audio no longer heard by everyone in the match
Broadsword when equipped now has ammo and properly overheats
Ship debris can no longer pass through cockpit
Improvments to zero-g movement
Various performance improvements
Various server and client crash fixes
Switched spawn points so that players respawn next to their own bases in CTC
Match end after reaching over 100 points.
Helmet Animations
Various matchmaking tweaks (public matches were requesting private ones)
Reduced texture sizes on the 300i
Implement new win mechanic into Team Deathmatch. Fixed up next kill wins mode, audio and HUD alerts.
Item Balancing
Shield energy reallocation does not lose energy but realloc existing energy
Loading screen remains on screen after the level has loaded
Pausing the game as DFM loads from hangar sticks on a black screen
Added directional indication for shield impacts not in view (similar to an older verison of the shield) for gameplay feedback.
ReExported LandingGear_deploy animation
Player is able to enter ship while he is also able to ‘press X to respawn’. Ship now correctly rez’s out when landed after ejection.
Improved lighting but for real this time
If a Vanduul becomes sufficiently damaged they disappear from the map and their name in-game becomes “undefined”. Need to be destroyed to progress. Added missing return to fix.
Allow custom user CFGs to be specified in cmd line.
When one player ejects from their ship, the frozen visor FX may appear on all player’s screens.
After destroying another player their body will float in space in a t-pose.
MP Fix – Player is now hidden following a vehicle destruction death as in SP.

Hangar Buggy can now drive properly in the Business Hangar
Turrets no longer mountable on missile racks hardpoints
Third person camera no longer rotates using Q and E
Replace me ball no longer present under Hornet Trainer
Improvements to Trainer Hornet rear landing gear geometry
No longer able to place 325a engine on other ships
Hornet Ghost engine no longer able to be equipped on other ships
Resolved issue of no ammo when chaingun removed and added back to ship
Fix for third person camera rotating when pressing Q or E when not in zero-g
Created basic mapping for Logitech G940. Fixed up a number of asserts it caused in the Joystick device handler.
The Logitech G940 completely changes if you install the correct drivers. Updated the mappings to work with those drivers rather than the default windows ones.
AC menu can be navigated using a gamepad

Known Issues:
HUD target indicator arrows can be missing
Graphical issues can occur while using SLI/Crossfire
It can be possible to sometimes load into a black screen when choosing an Arena Commander match
Hornet gatling guns take heat damage when not being fired
Hornet gatling gun ammo temporarily shown as missile racks in the Holo-Table

Pilot (Styk3r46):
Patch 12.4 for Arena Commander has been released!
Today’s patch squashes numerous bugs, from fixing flickering Freelancer’s to improving server backend stability.
You can find a full list of patches, plus known issues, in the Patch Notes.
This release also sees several improvements, including control mapping for the Logitech G940, improved sound effects and new explosions! We are starting this patch with an additional 30,000 Citizens, bringing the total to 60,000. If your Citizen number falls in that range, you can access multiplayer now!

Patch notes ... -Patch-124

Pilot (Styk3r46):
Mulitplayer is been ramped up to accommodate 200,000 players :)


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