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Author Topic: Champion system to replace Veteran ranks  (Read 1480 times)


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Champion system to replace Veteran ranks
« on: March 29, 2015, 04:02:38 PM »
So, still listening to the Podcast with Paul Sage, really amazing. He talked about update 4, but also about the long term goal of replacing Veteran system by what he called Champion System.
It'll be a long term goal account wide system to gain experience and points, and you'll be able to spent those points in a various way to buff your toon. Like increasing spell critical, weapon damage, etc... It'll be extensible enough that it'll take you years to collect everything.
It sounds really awesome, totally awesome in fact. There is no timeline or ETA, it was just an open discussion, I bet we'll see it in update 5 or 6 maybe.
Info I gathered
Champion points will be available and gathered only for level 50 char.
It'll take a very long time to earn them all (I love that!)
Veteran points will be converted to Champion point?
A certain amount of experience after level 50 will earn you a champion point.
If you stay logged out for a long time you'll get bonus when you log back to earn xp faster (like WOW)
It's like Diablo 3 paragon system in fact, and this system is totally awesome.
It still a work in progress, they're still shaping this thing. But this is what he said.
Other things regarding veteran ranks phase 2 changes.
PVP will earn XP at a better rate. So levelling a char from 10 to 50 in PVP will be fine, by playing campaign targeted for your toon level.
Veterans point will be converted to Champion point.
Veteran ranks will not be taken away, just veteran point. It's confusing ATM.
As I discovered all the map, did all the quests etc... I'm questioning on how I'll be able to gain more champion points. I'm worried.
All of that is huge, as it'll get in the console release, people on console will have a much much more complete experience from start. I bet in 1 year from now the game will look totally different. I'm still subbed and I'll stay in for a long time.
If you want to listen to the podcast: http://elderscrollsotr.mymiddleearth.com/2014/07/11/episode-118-update-3-w-paul-sage/


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