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Title: Quest - Stomping Sinmur bug - Workaround
Post by: Papa on May 03, 2014, 04:27:27 PM
After entering Trolheta Summit the bearded dude should have some text to continue. If you are bugged he will have little to say and the NPC will not move into battle.

A work around i found that worked was to abandon all quests. From there you must complete a portion of the main story line. After completion of that you may teleport back to trolheta to take the stomping sinmur quest, enter the summit and hopefully advance.

Hope that helps, logging/zoning/grouping did not work. Less they fix it the only other option is to teleport to a group member already in cold harbor. Ask in guild chat to find a teleport if needed. This will allow you to continue questing in cold harbor until they fix the stomping sinmur quest.