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Come on in and say hi! / Yellow everybody
« on: August 11, 2016, 12:42:15 AM »
Hi to everyone,

hope this group is still active. Looking for a casual group to game with, tried of dying alone.

I'm 44 from Perth, got my first taste of online gaming back with Tribes 2 and Unreal Tournament, but lost interest for a long time due to everyone going hard core.

Got back into MMO's play Eve Online for a while, but again too many people just out to piss you off or too hard core. Mostly play Star Trek Online, a bit of Neverwinter, Star Wars Online, and just started playing Defiance. Most of the other games I play or single player like Fallout, Skyrim, BioShock series, Borderlands and a list of others. Also have Elite Dangerous, but I need to one day buy the expansion. Also need to finish setting up Voice Attack commands for it as well.

Hope to see you around the games

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